Rider’s Policies / Rider’s Guide

Information to help make your ride with us more enjoyable.
(General Rules Relating to the Transportation of Passengers)

Terms & Conditions

Minors Traveling Alone

Our Unattended Minor Policy can be found HERE.


Reservations:  Reservations may be made online at cobreeze.com, by phone at 541-389-7469 or 800-847-0157, or by coming to our office.  Passengers will receive an emailed ticket to their email address provided. Passengers may print the ticket or use their Smart Phone to show the ticket to the driver. The Carrier reserves the right to refuse service to passengers based on space available and subject to the availability of vehicles.  Carrier reserves the right to direct the seating of passengers and to change seating at any time.

Passengers are responsible for checking their tickets and making sure that the dates and times stated on the ticket are correct.  Corrections that are made within 24 hours (48 hours during Holiday Season) may be subject to a $20.00 change fee. Reservations made on the same day will have a 2 hour window from the time the reservation is made to make correction to the ticket. Fees will be applied for any changes made within 10 minutes of departure time.  Cancellation of the ticket is not accepted as a change for incorrect date or time.

Changes To Ticket Travel Dates And Times:  Changes that are made to tickets less than 24 hours (48 hours during Holiday Season) will be charged a $20.00 fee per ticket per change. 

Cancellations:  Tickets cancelled less than 24 hours (48 hours during Holiday Season) will be charged a $20.00 fee per ticket. 

No-Show Passengers:  Passengers not traveling on the date and time stated on their tickets must call the office at least 5 minutes before the scheduled departure time (after office hours leave a message; our system dates and time stamps the time of the call), or tickets will be a forfeit by failing to change or cancel the ticket before the scheduled departure times.

Changing Pick-up Location:  Passengers changing locations can do so without calling the office but by letting the driver know that they have a reservation to board at (name the location), as long as they are boarding before their scheduled pickup location.  (Note: This must be on the same bus as your scheduled ticket).  (During Holiday time it is advisable to call us as some buses may already be full at another location).  Those wanting to board after their scheduled pick-up locations must call the office and let us know or they will be considered a no show.  (See No-Show above)

Round Trip Tickets: Round Trip tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE once the first part of your journey is traveled.  Tickets that are canceled once the first part of your journey has been traveled are considered a forfeiture.  For changing your tickets time of travel see Changes to ticket travel dates and timesRound Trip Tickets are only available through the office or online.  Bus drivers will only sell passengers one-way tickets at the bus.

Vouchers:  Vouchers are Non-Refundable.  Reservations are required to use a voucher.  Once this ticket is cancelled it cannot be rebooked.  No Shows and late charges also apply – see information above.

Fare Categories:

  • General Ticket – Passengers between the age of 18 through 59
  • Senior Ticket – Passengers age 60 and older
  • Military Ticket – Military ID card in good standing (active or retired)
  • Minor Ticket – Passengers between the age of 11 through 17
    and any child traveling without an adult age 7 through 10
  • Child Ticket – Passengers between the age of 2 through 10 traveling with an adult
    Maximum of 2 child Tickets with each paying adult ticket
  • Infant under the age of 2 – Free if traveling on the adult’s lap   

Boarding And Arrivals

Our schedule reflects the time the bus departs each location.  Passengers are required to be at the pickup location 10 to 15 minutes before boarding.  Passengers are to check in directly with the bus driver at the bus.  Carrier is not responsible for looking around and seeking out passengers.  It is solely the responsibility of the passenger to come to the bus driver for check in.

Except at stops that are also restroom breaks, the bus will only stop long enough to quickly load and unload passengers.  Please be ready to board when the bus pulls in.

Times scheduled may vary depending on road, weather and traffic conditions on that given day. Drivers do their best to stay on time.  Carrier advises scheduling your trip itineraries/connections accordingly to account for the possibilities of delays.  Winter times can vary widely depending on the weather. 

Reasonable Accommodations

Mobility Lifts:  If you require a mobility lift, reservations are required by phone a minimum of 24 hours prior to date of travel to schedule the appropriate equipment.  Please inform the reservationist when booking that you need accessibility assistant and require a lift for assistance. Also let the reservationist know if you have other equipment or needs such as wheelchairs/scooters or help transferring to a seat.

Passengers need to arrive 15 minutes before scheduled departure times to allow adequate time for boarding and equipment needs.

During Holiday Season please book early as buses can fill quickly and some routes may not have lifts available without adequate notice. 

Other Accommodations:  When additional assistance is needed, please let us know in advance. 

Drivers are available to assist passengers needing assistance up and down the stairs.

An Extra Step is available upon request for those having trouble with bus steps.  Please let the office know ahead so the driver can make sure they have the necessary equipment available. 

Drivers can assist passengers in making sure they are getting off at the correct stop.  If this assistance is needed, please let the reservationist know at the time of booking or if making your reservation online; please call the office and have us add the note to the passenger’s reservation.

Passengers needing other assistance need to contact the office and have the reservationist make specific notes on the passenger’s reservation.  If you have made this reservation online first, please let the reservationist know if it is a round trip or if more than one person may need a specific assistance. 

Minors traveling alone need to be able to go to and from the restroom by themselves at designated restroom stops.  Drivers will be sure they are back on the bus before leaving the bus stop 

Drivers at PDX and RDM are not allowed to leave the bus area to assist passengers with luggage to or from the terminal.  Please contact your airline for this assistance. 

For more information, see our Reasonable Accommodations Policy


The Carrier will not be liable for delays, accidents, breakdowns, adverse road conditions, storms, traffic congestion, or any other condition beyond its control.  The Carrier does not guarantee to arrive or depart from any point at any specific time.

Objectionable Passengers

The Carrier reserves the right to refuse service to:  persons under the influence of Alcohol and/or drugs, anyone reasonably considered to be a danger to themselves or others, any passenger that is objectionable or offensive to other passengers or is unable to properly care for themselves.  No refund of fares is applicable in such case.

Pets On The Bus

One small, lap-size pet (less than 15 lbs.) may be transported when accompanied by a passenger.  The pet must have a kennel/pet-carrier that is small enough to fit on the floor at the passenger’s feet. The pet must stay outside of the passenger walk-ways and out of the way of the passenger sitting beside them.  The Carrier assumes no liability for pet’s condition. Carrier reserves the right to refuse pets, at the Driver’s discretion at the time of boarding or thereafter. The pet will be removed if it is deemed dangerous, hazardous, disruptive, offensive (odoriferous or otherwise), or unsafe. Carrier must be advised at the time of reservation if pet(s) are to be transported.


You are allowed up to 2 pieces of luggage and 1 carry-on.  The carry-on should be able to be stored under your seat or in the luggage rack.  Luggage should measure 62 linear inches or less and be a maximum of 50 lbs.

Luggage/bags must be tagged with your name and phone number.  Tags may be purchased from the bus driver if needed.  Riders are responsible for retrieving their correct luggage/bag.  Luggage does look similar so take the extra time to look at tags to make sure you have the correct luggage/bag.

All extra, over sized, and overweight items will be charged a $5.00 per item fee.  Example: skis, snowboards, bikes, golf clubs etc. Over sized items must be in a bag/box and will be accepted at the driver’s discretion and on space available.

The Carrier is not responsible for any lost, stolen, damaged or misplaced luggage/bags or personal effects. The Carrier is also not responsible for any items left unattended on the bus.

Lost Items

Please call the Central Oregon Breeze office at 541-389-7469 or email at info@cobreeze.com and report your misplaced/lost items.  Please be prepared to give contact information and an accurate description of your lost items. 

All reasonable effort will be made to help locate the owners of any items “of value” left/found on the bus. Items of little value, dirty, objectionable, unsafe or hazardous will be disposed of at our discretion Items will be stored in our office for a period of 30 days.  We will hold items of greater value for 60 days based on space available.  After 30/60 days items will be donated.


Visa / Master Card:  We accept Visa and Master Card.  Reservations may be purchased online or in our office.  Drivers will call CC’s into the office after office hours.  Credit Cards are charged at the time the reservation is made. 

Visa / Master Gift Cards:  Some passengers either do not have or do not like to use their CC online.  Gift Cards that are Visa / Master Cards are accepted.

Cash: Cash is accepted in the office and drivers will accept exact change at the bus. 

Checks:  Checks are accepted two weeks in advance at our office only.  You may come in or mail your check ahead of time to reserve your seat. 

If you want to meet a Driver to make an advanced cash payment:  This arrangement must be made ahead of time and should be arranged with the office at least 2 days in advance.  Note: you do not have a reservation until the payment has been received and the office has processed the payment.


For more information, see our Ticket’s Policy. Refunds will be processed according to Visa / Master Card Merchant agreements and Policy.


Claims except as might otherwise be prescribed by law, must be filed in writing within 9 months of the date of the incident.

Minor Rider Policies

ALL Unattended Minors age 7-13 yrs. of age and Minors 14-17 yrs. of age whom are not able to care for themselves.

Minors in this category must turn in a minor consent form for every time they meet the bus to board. Minor Consent Forms may be printed here or you may get them from the bus driver.

Age Requirement: Minors must be a minimum of 7 yrs. old and appropriately self-sufficient.  

Courtesy & Safety: For your child’s safety please instruct your child to stay seated in their seat at all times while the bus is moving (seat-belts are available on the 25 passenger buses).  

Out of respect for other passengers on the bus please keep activities and speaking at quiet levels.  Music and game players need to have headsets and not disturb other passengers.

Please instruct your child not to disturb the driver while they are operating the bus.  If your child needs to ask questions, please have them ask the driver during stops/breaks.

There are two restroom breaks, instruct your child not to wander and be timely. The bus driver will make sure your child gets back on the bus.

Send enough activities, snacks, water, etc. to keep your child well cared for and entertained quietly.  Remind them to put all trash in the proper place.

Meeting The Bus:  The person picking the minor up off the bus must be the person that was stated on the Minor Consent Form.  They must check in with the driver and sign for the minor.

Picking Minor Up On Time:  If the person scheduled to pick up the child is 5 minutes late or more, from the scheduled pick up time; there is an additional $10.00 handling/sitting fee (Payable in cash, at the time you pick up the minor).  The bus, after 10 minutes past the scheduled drop off time, will continue on with the minor remaining on board in the care of the driver.  It is then the responsibility of the adult to arrange to meet the driver at the next stop(s) and make payment.  The bus will not hold additional time at the next stop.  The child must remain on the bus until the adult has signed for them with the bus driver.

Disruptive Or Incorrigible Minors: Minors that are disruptive or incorrigible may be removed from the bus and/or banned from riding in the future if they cannot conduct themselves properly. Parents/Guardian or responsible adults will have to meet the bus early or in EXTREME cases the child will be delivered to the custody of Law Enforcement for their safety.

MINORS 14-17 YRS OF AGE – Choosing to OPT OUT

Minors age 14-17 who can be 100% responsible for themselves can have an Opt-Out Minor Consent form This form must be signed and presented to the driver every time the minor travels and the opt out box must be checked. 

When you check the Opt-Out box, you are stating that your Minor child is 100% responsible for themselves, their behavior, and their consequences, along with any other minors you have put in their care.  Minors in this category may be left at their point of destination without someone there to meet the bus.  This may mean that your child may have to wait for you in the dark or weather alone until you arrive.

IF you have any concerns about your Minors welfare, special needs or circumstances (e.g. they are being shipped off to military/boarding school and may want to runaway). You may not want to “Opt-out” and should at least advise the Bus Driver directly of your concerns/special circumstances. 

Opt-Out Minor Consent Forms Forms must be presented to the bus driver every time your minor boards the bus.  Or a new form must be signed and delivered with every trip.

Alcohol, Tobacco, & Drugs

Our bus routes are Alcohol, Tobacco, Smoking, & Drug Free.  Passengers are not allowed to use these products in any form while on the bus and must adhere to State and Federal Laws while using our services or they may be refused service and removed from the bus.

Alcohol: No alcohol is allowed on the bus route at any time.  Passengers that are deemed to be intoxicated may be refused service.

TobaccoNo tobacco products of any kind are allowed to be used on the bus.  This includes but is not limited to vapors, electronic cigarettes, chew, snuff, tobacco, cigars, pipes or cigarettes.

DrugsNo drugs are allowed on the bus including Marijuana.   All prescription drugs should be kept secure and stored in accordance with ALL State and Federal Laws.

Holiday Season

Holiday Season starts the weekend before Thanksgiving and ends the day after New Year’s; unless New Year’s Day is on the weekend, then it will end the Monday following the Holiday.  The Carrier reserves the right to change dates at any time.

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NOTICE! Passengers booking for pick-up and drop-off at Government Camp - When the weather is bad and the roads have not been plowed or sanded the bus will not stop at the Huckleberry Inn.