Riders’ Reviews of the Breeze

Our Goal is Happiness. Our Riders are Family.

It only took one trip to make me into a believer. I went from Bend to the Portland Airport, and spent less on my ticket than it would have cost to park at the airport.

I am so happy that I found The Breeze. It’s just been a Godsend. Its hassle free and I feel safer.

My mother lives in Portland and uses the Breeze to visit Central Oregon. She takes the Max out to Gresham in the afternoon, and can have dinner with me that night.

The Breeze should not be confused with ordinary bus service. A handful of us ‘regulars’ and the drivers are on a first-name basis. The driver’s commentary makes the ride seem even shorter than it is.

It made more sense than to have my wife drive over the mountain or to park my car for two weeks at the airport. It’s cheaper, once you figure in the gas, parking and everything.

Riders Made Happy

The Best Travel Link Between Central Oregon & Portland Airport, Downtown, Amtrak, and the MAX
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